The International EB Awareness Week

The International EB Awareness Week

What is EB to you?

For me: EB = everyday + blisters

I don’t know another life without EB. But this doesn’t mean that I’ve never dreamt about it. I sometimes wish I could just not give so much thought about my ill skin, about getting hurt while normally moving, snuggling, sleeping, eating, loving and living. With EB everything can hurt. I have never had a day without bandages on my body, I have never had a day without blisters and wounds, without extreme pain and itching. EB is my lifelong companion - in good and in bad times.

But I never lost hope that one day a life without EB could be possible. And the progress the research did until today, also with the help of the DEBRA communities, gives rise to the best hopes.

Anna Faccin

And want is EB to you?

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